UFAK Africa Karate Championships

Karate wins at Namibia Sports Awards

The Namibia Karate Union would like to congratulate De Wet Moolman and Mayvonne Swart for winning their respective categories at the 2016 Namibia Sports Awards.

De Wet was crowned Sportsman of the Year after an excellent display of karate at the JSKA World Championship held in July 2016 in Swakopmund.

Mayvonne was also rewarded for her outstanding performance at the same championships in July in the category of Junior Sportswoman of the year.

The Karate Union was ecstatic to have 4 finalists in this year's event with De Wet nominated for Sportsman of the Year, Rowan Burger Junior Sportsman of the Year, Mayvonne Swart and Cassandra Knouwds as Junior Sportswoman of the Year. With Karate now also an Olympic sport, the Karate Union is planning to build on this success and become a force to be reckoned with in the Region, Africa and hopefully at international level as well.