2017 Region 5 Karate Report

 2017 Region 5 Karate

28 June 2017

 By Rowan Carstens |Team Manager of National Karate Team


The Region 5 Karate Tournament is held annually and is one of the Major events on the Namibian Karate Calendar. This year we were able to send a total of 49 athletes accompanied by 2 coaches, a team manager and 2 referees and one official.

Trial were held on the 4th of February 2017 with all NAKU Members invited and a selection panel was elected to do the selection process.

Teams left on Wednesday the 21st June 2017 at 5am. Although the pace was slow, they arrived ahead of schedule on the 22nd June 2017 in Maputo.

The officials had a seminar on Thursday morning the 22nd June 2017 from 9am until 1pm, which was a briefing for referees.

Friday the 23rd June 2017 was the official weigh in of the athletes doing Kumite.

The event commenced at 8am on Saturday the 24th June 2017, with the official opening at 12am and was attended by the Mozambican Minister of Sport and the Japanese Ambassador to Mozambique as guests.

The medal ceremony was the same Saturday evening.

Namibia placed second overall, beaten by Botswana. With a total of 17 Gold medals, 22 Silver medals and 17 Bronze medals thiswas Namibia's most successful Region 5 tournament in recent years.


The complete list of Athletes with Medals can be viewed under downloads.


Namibia Karate Union National Trials

All karateka are herewith informed that the Namibia Karate Union will be hosting National Trials for the selection of a National Karate Team to represent Namibia at the upcoming Region 5 Karate Championships to be held in Maputo, Mozambique.

Karateka are requested to contact their instructors regarding compulsory fitness tests and further information regarding the Trials.

Results of the National All Styles Junior and Senior Karate Championship

The Namibia Karate Union has great pleasure in announcing the results of the recent National All Styles Junior and Senior Karate Championship.  Congrtualtions to all these athletes.

No. Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 3rd Place 3rd Place
1 Kata Individual Male Children 10-11 JD Rossouw Daniel Tjimuku Brett Geyser Nathan Muller  
2 Kumite Individual Male Children 10-11 -30 kg Ithete Pandu Yash Pandy Ehno Uamburu Howard Khamuseb  
3 Kumite Individual Male Children 10-11 -35 kg Emilio Joseph Unombuiro Tjikune Adrian Key JD Rossouw  
4 Kumite Individual Male Children 10-11 -40 kg Marchall Klein Gideon Shonyeka Philo Kavungo Brett Geyser  
5 Kumite Individual Male Children 10-11 -45 kg Henry Jooste Levardo Theron Ikanga Solomon    
6 Kumite Individual Male Children 10-11 +45 kg Elrico Mouton Kiano Bohme Joshwin Solomon Otsho Nafele  
7 Kata Individual Male Children 12-13 Alexander Neidel Nathan Leopoldt Anthony Palmer Julio Mwiya  
8 Kumite Individual Male Children 12-13 -40 kg Anthony Palmer Aniel Sutherland Alexander Neidel Jakuaterua Ndivanga  
9 Kumite Individual Male Children 12-13 +40 kg Nathan Leopoldt Phillip Kavungo Miles Meyer Joshua Schiebler  
10 Kumite Individual Male Children 12-13 +55 kg Ashley Maclobo Zachary Coleman Peter Munkelwitz Carlo Amia  
11 Kata Individual Male Cadets Freddy Mwiya (Jnr) Westley Izaks Julien Fuentes Rassie Esterhuizen  
12 Kumite Individual Male Cadets  -52 kg Jayden Koopman Julian Fuentes Timothy Coleman Daniel September  
13 Kumite Individual Male Cadets  -57 kg John Kapinga Westley Izaks Xavier Farmer    
14 Kumite Individual Male Cadets  -63 kg Freddy Mwiya (Jnr) Willam Dias Jacques Gryffenberg Phillip van Antwerpen  
15 Kumite Individual Male Cadets +70 kg Rassie Esterhuizen Anco Snyman Brandon-Lee Martin Dominique Tsaneb  
16 Kata Individual Male Juniors Devano Diergaardt Keanu Stuurman Shane Maart Janus Botes  
17 Kumite Individual Male Juniors  -61 Kg Sergio Duchaine Keanu Stuurman Jordan Rittmann    
18 Kumite Individual Male Juniors  +61 Kg Devano Diergaardt Joas Batista Utomuini Murangi-Hijamutiti Ronald Nghililewanga  
19 Kata Individial Male U21 + Senior Jurgen van Wyk Zaid Ely Ace Mutelo Bruno Lourenco  
20 Kumite Individual Male Seniors -60 kg Cisco Imenda Mateus Angula Dominique Swartz Tshaka Mukela  
21 Kumite Individual Male Seniors -67 kg Nathan Ngaleka Nichol Sibeso Sikubi Limbo Nicknor Uushona  
22 Kumite Individual Male Seniors -75 kg Gabriel Nangolo Yotham Simasiku Bruno Lourenco Damien Kapinga  
23 Kumite Individual Male Seniors -84 kg Stefan van der Merwe Stefan van Tonder Paul Mwiya Nene Mainjala  
24 Kumite Individual Male Seniors +84 kg Sam Ekandjo Llwewllyn Manale Lester Meyer Joao Nguma  
25 Kata Individual Female Children 10-11 Jewel Slinger Ndeyapo Shanika Ané Olivier Chanelle Mundjindi  
26 Kumite Individual Female Children All kg Nishaan Titus Ernsha Koopman Mareli Kotze Ndeyapo Shanika Katja Dedekind
27 Kata Individual Female Children 12-13 Monique Jooste Kaylan Leech Celine Shilongo Penandjambi Tjipueja  
28 Kumite Individual Female Children 12-13 +47 kg Monique Jooste Danika Blaauw Kristin Damens Celine Shilongo  
29 Kata Individual Female Cadets Mayvonne Swart Rene Giliomee Mechelle Tjimuku    
30 Kumite Individial Female Cadets All kg Lekisha Adriaanse Jaydeen Clarke Mayvonne Swart Rene Giliomee  
31 Kata Individual Female Juniors Lily Mwiya Cassandra Knouwds Riona Pillay Maria Brockerhoff  
32 Kumite Individual Female Juniors All kg Lily Mwiya Cassandra Knouwds Josephine Thomas Maria Brockerhoff  
33 Kata Individual Female Under 21 Katelin Martin Monique Jordaan Adelinde Lang    
34 Kumite Individual Female U21 All kg Cossandra Ehlers Katelin Martin Olivia Haitota Reney Jansen  
35 Kata Individual Female Seniors Katelin Martin Lily Mwiya Riëtte Jacobs Meshall Jansen  
36 Kumite Individual Female Seniors -50 kg Justine Shipandu Helvi Shinedima      
37 Kumite Individual Female Seniors -55 kg Jane Kooper        
38 Kumite Individual Female Seniors +55 kg Ombili Aukongo Jessie Paremore Meshall Jansen Riëtte Jacobs  

Karate wins at Namibia Sports Awards

The Namibia Karate Union would like to congratulate De Wet Moolman and Mayvonne Swart for winning their respective categories at the 2016 Namibia Sports Awards.

De Wet was crowned Sportsman of the Year after an excellent display of karate at the JSKA World Championship held in July 2016 in Swakopmund.

Mayvonne was also rewarded for her outstanding performance at the same championships in July in the category of Junior Sportswoman of the year.

The Karate Union was ecstatic to have 4 finalists in this year's event with De Wet nominated for Sportsman of the Year, Rowan Burger Junior Sportsman of the Year, Mayvonne Swart and Cassandra Knouwds as Junior Sportswoman of the Year. With Karate now also an Olympic sport, the Karate Union is planning to build on this success and become a force to be reckoned with in the Region, Africa and hopefully at international level as well.


Namibia National Karate Team brings back gold from AUSC Region 5 Karate Championship


The National Karate Team of Namibia participated in the AUSC Region 5 Karate Championship that took place in Harare on the 28th of May 2016, and saw Namibia participate against teams from Botswana, South Africa and the hosts Zimbabwe.


 The team consisted of mainly of athletes between the ages of 10 to 21.  The team performance improved significantly as the team managed to win 6 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals; a total of 30 medals from 39 athletes.  In the junior divisions Namibia finished third after Botswana and South Africa, and fourth in the senior division as there were only 4 entries in that division.


 “I am very impressed by the team’s performance as the plans I put in place since December last year is beginning to yield results” says Sensei Freddy Mwiya, the National Coach of Namibia.


 Sensei Nichol Sibeso (PRO for the Namibia Karate Union (NAKU)) added: “Sensei Freddy has been working very hard with the team and has placed a lot of emphasis on developing the junior athletes that are coming through the ranks.  The Executive of NAKU fully supports his initiatives and look forward to send more competitive teams to participate in Continental and International Karate events.”


 “We would like to make use of this opportunity to thank Ms Lachae Hester.  Lachae is part of the team management and through her love of the sport sponsored T-Shirts for the team for which we are truly thankful.  We are privileged to have such individuals amongst our team.  We also would like to thank the parents who travelled with us to Zimbabwe.  It was truly a memorable tour and wonderful to see how supportive our karate family is of our athletes and teams.” said Sensei Cornelius D’Alton, President of NAKU.


 The Namibia Karate Union has also indicted that it is bidding for the opportunity to host the Union for African Karate Federations (UFAK) Junior and Senior Championships later in 2016.  This will be a first for Namibia Karate to host such a prestigious Continental event and NAKU will try and use this opportunity to expose as many athletes as it can to competition at this level.