Welcome to NAKU


Naku Logo The Namibia Karate Union was established on 22 April 1996 to represent and further the interest of Karate in Namibia.  NAKU co-operates, supports and assists organisations which, in the opinion of NAKU, promote the best interests of Karate in Namibia and to that extent invite such organizations to become members of NAKU.

NAKU currently has 8 affiliated members, with dojos (clubs) throughout Namibia training more than 200 Karateka (athletes).

NAKU's vision is to be a leading sports organization in Namibia driving national Karate towards sustainable development and competitive international participation.

Our mission is to lead and develop Karate in Namibia by striving to achieve:

  • Good governance
  • Continous development and learning
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism and ethics